8 Ways SEO Helps Small Businesses

If you're a small business owner who wants to level-up your venture, consider SEO. Not sure if it's right for you? Spoiler Alert: SEO is right for every business! It can be intimidating to dive into, but most often, businesses can benefit extremely.

Keep reading for 8 Ways SEO [search engine optimization] Helps Small Businesses.

1. Compete With Larger Businesses

Even if you’re running your business from your kitchen table, the wonderful world of the internet means you can appeal to the same customers that "the big guys" are hoping for as well. It’s just takes getting your message in front of those customers. When speaking of business through your website, SEO is one of the biggest tools to use to get in front of those customers.

2. Cost Effective, Organic Advertising

SEO is definitely a more cost effective way to bring awareness to your brand and business. Yes, if you hire an SEO professional [uh'hem, like me], you'll be making an investment, but that professional can help to make you much more money than you're investing. Consider working on and establishing quality SEO for your website before spending a lot of money of things like Google Ads. Viewers are smart, and can sometimes be deterred from clicking on a search result that notes "Google Ad" next to it.

If you're interested in hiring a professional, my services are much more affordable than other large agencies, with my base level coming in at just $100 per month. My SEO packages are month to month, meaning you won't be signing a lengthy contract. As an added bonus, I honor a "price for life" benefit for any clients that subscribe to my services for at least 3 months (consecutive or non-consecutive!). To learn more, click here.

3. Increase Traffic To Your Website

Having a beautiful site that doesn't get any visitors is defeating. If your target audience can't find your products or services, they won't be buying anything or inquiring about said services. SEO is one of the biggest ways to get those future customers to spend time on your site, which in turn, leads to higher profits.

4. Viewer Input

When you start honing in on your brand and SEO strategy, you'll have access to very helpful input or data from your website's viewers. You'll be able to find out what your viewers are searching for when they find your site. With this data, you can fine-tune your SEO and even potentially create new products or services based on that data.

5. Build Trust

It's simple - viewers trust Google. If your website appears withing the the first page of Google search results, they're more likely to trust you and your business as well. Unfortunately, there are so many sites out there that are untrustworthy and don't deliver [quite literally] what they promise to. As a female shopper with a bit of an undiagnosed fashion addiction, it's easy to get sucked into a listing for a beautiful sweater, but discover the seller is not what they seem. As a business owner, you need to take every opportunity to show how trustworthy you are.

6. Manage Your "Online Story"

Ok, this point could actually be number 5.5, because it's somewhat of a continuation of Building Trust. Conversations may already be happening online about your business. When you launch an SEO campaign, you’re making sure people find your official information and website when they search for you, and don’t just get lost in a sea of thoughts and opinions.

One of the most important things to do when working on your online presence, is to also set up your Google My Business profile. You can list your location, hours, include photos and a list of your services, reply to reviews and much more. Click here to set up your Business Profile - and remember to complete each step thoroughly and update your business info if anything ever changes.

7. Improved Website Usability

Generally speaking, we can be a very impatient species. If your website doesn't offer them a high quality, engaging experience, they'll move on to a competitor's site. If you work with an expert on SEO, they'll be able to help you in making sure your site is very accessible, analyze what's working and not working, and even make the changes for you, if you so wish.

8. Long Lasting, Even Permanent, Results

When you use forms of advertising like magazine or radio, the results you see from that investment, in most cases are short lived and cease to exist after the ad has finished. When you use SEO, you'll continue to appear in the search results for much longer.

Now, please remember, it's always important to look at your SEO as an ongoing commitment. If I go to my local gym, build crazy amounts of muscle, but then I stop going after I've gained that muscle, it's not going to stick around. Stay motivated and remember how positively the SEO work has effected your business and continue to work on it. Part of this means staying on top of the trends and continuing to dig deeper into what your viewers are searching.

+++On a final note, I'd like to bring awareness to the time investment that comes along with a SEO campaign. In most cases, it can take between 45-60 days to see a change in site traffic. Stick with it and trust the process!

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