How Blogging Can Improve Your Site's SEO

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

A website without traffic can be very defeating. Do you enjoy writing and sharing content? Blogging might be the best option for you and your site's SEO!

Website, CHECK!

So you've finally pulled the trigger and hired a fabulous designer [ok, selfishly I hope that was me] to build your website for your small business. Nice! You managed to find a trustworthy, talented designer that was able to put together that beauty in no time at all [yeah, I'm still talking about my skills, I'll stop]. The feeling of scrolling through your now actualized vision is indescribable - I geek out about that kind of thing.

Your website launches for everyone to see, and you eagerly wait for all of those new viewers to become customers and go ahead and start falling in love with your product or content.

But then…nothin' - zip - nada...

[insert your favorite ZILCH noises here].

What gives? Any investment, no matter how large or small, is still an investment. So investing in that brand new website can't be a waste - as a small business owner, every penny counts!

Visibility is BIG!

A website is only as good as its placement on Google. If you offer an amazing service, but you can't be found on Google until page 3 of search results, all of those would-be viewers are likely to settle for another website instead of yours - and let's be honest, your services are WAY better than "that guy" - ok, I'm just being cheeky - but really, you should view your services, your product, your website, as the best! It's your passion! And because of that, you need to get the word out effectively - this can be done with social media, networking, referrals, and on - but another aspect you'll need to make a priority is ranking well on Google.

What is SEO and Why is It Important?

That brings me to the super fancy topic of SEO - Search Engine Optimization. As a general rule for my career and what I offer my clients, I try to speak plainly. I prefer not to get all fancy and pull out phrases and jargon that people may not understand - so to continue that philosophy, let me explain SEO in the easiest way to understand: SEO is the process of increasing your website's traffic [quality and quantity] by improving the visibility of your website within search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is strictly unpaid search engine results - you've likely noticed Google Ads at the very top of search results - SEO isn't that - SEO is about being intentional about your site's visibility in an organic way. Ads are not.

Ok, here's an example - if I go to Google and type in "how to make a barn wood table," Google is going to pull up the most relevant results based on every website's content. So, if I'm a maker of barn wood tables [one of my hobbies!] and I have a website, I want to make sure my content is relevant to my craft. That can mean making sure my page descriptions, my content, my images, my keywords are all relevant to "how to make a barn wood table" - And I can help with that! I offer monthly, no contract SEO services! But a lot of relevant, impactful content also comes from blogging!

SEO is about being intentional about your site's visibility in an organic way.

Do you enjoy writing? Do you feel like you have valuable content that you can be sharing with the world - or more importantly, your target audience? Then blogging might be a good option for you!

Two Things to Remember When Blogging for SEO

Now, I want to make sure I state this again - blogging isn't going to solve all of your website's visibility issues, but it can definitely make an impact if done right. If you want your blog to positively impact your results within Google search results, you have to do two things for sure:


I must reiterate, make sure your content is relevant for your audience. If I make barn wood tables but I publish a blog about finding the best dog groomer, I'm likely not going to capture my target audience. Though, I will say, there are people out there that enjoy barn wood creations and need a new dog groomer - but I digress. Some writers are able to produce longer, higher word count content, but that isn't always needed. Sometimes putting together a quick read like "the top 5 photo editing apps of 2019" can do the trick too! Just keep it interesting and keep it relevant to your trade.


Blog and publish consistently. Consistency can mean one thing to you and another to your neighbor. Once a month, three times a month, yada, yada, yada. It's up to you and what's right for you! If you're able to publish meaningful content 4 times a month, great! If you're more the once a month guy or gal, go for it - as long as you are consistent, that's what matters. That consistency is what will aid in placing and keeping you at the top of the search results for your audience.

You can always start out small - don't overwhelm yourself in the beginning and set the expectation that you can write 4 times a month and pump out 2,500 words each time. Build it up as you get more comfortable!

Not a Blogger? Not a Problem!

Have you decided blogging isn't the right option for you? That's ok. There are plenty of professionals out there [like me] that can help you with your SEO. It comes down to finding the right professional and the right price point.

Something I want all small business owners out there to know, is that quality SEO, social media management and web design doesn't have to be expensive! I pride myself in knowing I'm less expensive than so many other professional marketers, but the quality of my work is still top notch. If you're interested in leveling up your biz-game, I'd love to help you!

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